About ME

My name is Zanda, I'm 32 years old. I'm a photographer, designer & creative artist.

I am also an entrepreneur based in Auckland/ New Zealand and want to make the world a better place. My work and photography are inspired by the aesthetics of nature, colour, geometry of shadow, freedom of space, light, texture & little everyday moments. When I'm not behind the camera, or computer, I lose my time dancing tango, traveling, hiking around New Zealand with my friends or working on my startup ideas at entrepreneur workshops.

In my photography I aim to capture emotions, intimacy, the freedom of being yourself and natural expression. I am inspired by Scandinavian-style photography; minimalist and clean photography that is not staged. I love to capture the truth of people and their natural beauty. I look for angles and ways to tell a story & invoke a mood. I prefer neutral tones and natural textures like metal, wood, linen and imperfect surfaces. I like to find locations that combine a human-made environment with nature.

Whether you want to work together to tell the story of your life, event or celebration, I can help. I do portrait photography, can capture your family, kids, babies, a special day for two of you or do the photo-shoot that you always wanted for yourself. I can help to come up with a concept and styling for a photo-shoot that is suitable to your wishes and ideas.

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