What to wear to your photo shoot...


People often ask what they should wear, and what they should bring along to their shoot. So I've put together some suggestions. Please don't feel that you MUST stick to these guidelines though. The most important thing is that you feel and look like yourself, so you can be as comfortable as possible!

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I would like to give you some tips for how to prepare for a photo shoot, so here they are:


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  • First of all, I recommend bringing options. That way I can help to decide on the best match for the location we choose to shoot at. Don’t bring your whole closet. Two to three options for each person in the shoot will be enough. Please be aware that, depending on where we are shooting, you’ll most likely be changing in the back of the car on the side of the road. If you don't feel comfortable doing this, it’s totally fine. In this case, you can just bring one outfit. I strongly recommend that you send photos of your outfit options to me via email before the shoot so I can give you an advice and help to choose the best one.

  • Your outfit should compliment the environment we will shoot in and naturally bend in. So when you're picking colours, think of an environment! You can be safe to choose neutral colours, earthy tones, they will almost always compliment whatever environment we shoot in. Neutrals aren’t just black, grey and white, there are neutrals of every colour! Choose tan instead of orange, mustard instead of yellow. Forest green is a neutral colour of green. Navy is a neutral of blue, wine red or dark red is neutral of red and so on.

  • Please avoid wearing bright colourful clothes. Bright colours draw attention away from people and their faces. Reds, pinks, and oranges have the tendency to reflect onto your skin. So if you wear a red top, your skin will most likely look pink or red. This is why neutrals are a great and safe choice.

  • Avoid overly distracting, crazy, loud patterns, as they will take the attention away from you and become the main thing you see in the photo. Choose smaller or more subtle patterns! I want photos to be all about you and not about your clothes. Please avoid pairing too many patterns together because, it will look chaotic and again will distract attention away from your face.

  • Make sure to iron your clothes before the photoshoot so there are no huge wrinkles that will be visible in photos.

  • Avoid wearing watches so they don't get into a picture when I’m getting close up shots unless it is a really fancy watch. ;-)

clothing tips

Hats, sunglasses, jewellery, boots, belts, blankets, a skateboard, a motorcycle, a truck or car, lemonade, homemade pies, ice cream, some berries, a flower bouquet, dogs, cats, a campfire etc. are all great to bring with you as they will add something to the photoshoot!

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Please don't bring chalkboards or arty-crafty props. If you have props you want to use, please let me know and we can think how to incorporate them in your shoot.

I also love when people bring clothes or accessories that can show movement by catching the wind. It adds mood to the photos and looks alive.


At Home Sessions

The photos will look a lot more comfortable and intimate if you’re showing more skin, so avoid wearing lots of heavy layers. I recommend tank tops, shorts, sweaters, and jeans. Bring more than one option so we have some to choose from.

home sessions

Hair + Makeup

Do what will make you feel beautiful. Some people hire a professional makeup artist and others don't. Makeup is not necessary. If you want to look more like yourself, consider wearing no makeup or minimal makeup rather than putting layers of it. But, if you want your hair and makeup done, then definitely do it. The most important thing is that you feel confident. If you do decide to get your makeup done, I recommend you to schedule it at least an hour before you have to leave for the shoot so you aren’t late.


If we are going into rough terrain, e.g. mountains, bring comfortable shoes with a good grip. If we are shooting on a beach I recommend wearing flats. If it’s freezing cold outside, bring lots of warm clothes. If it's likely to be a hot day, bring light, breathable clothes to avoid looking sweaty.

If you want to stand out, here is some inspiration

Please let me know if you are planning something colourful and we can see how it fits with the chosen location. Deep dark red is the best and safest option, it always looks beautifully.

stand out


Here’s an example of a distracting colours.

bad example

Here’s an example of an outfit that compliments its environment

good example


If you have other questions, don’t hesitate to ask! If you’re still freaking out about what to wear feel free to email me.


* all images used on this page are from Pinterest