Hamilton wedding in Woodlands// Ash & Miriam

Ash is from Wellington. He once visited Hamilton with his friends and that’s where he met Miriam. A long distance relationship began and Ash made 36 bus trips from Wellington to Hamilton in order to see the girl he was in love with. 72 trips in total. 7 hours each way. After hearing this, I thought this must be Real Love.

Miriam is a fashion designer so naturally she designed her own wedding dress. Her brand is called Miriam.apparel and all her family and friends believe she will be famous one day. The dress is laser cut and painted, handmade. She also designed the fabric too. Miriam has great taste and the wedding was beautiful. I loved her flower crown that was made out of real flowers and her fancy shoes. After the wedding ceremony Ash and Miriam went to the Zelong tea estate to take some beautiful photos. They had lots of fun running through the tea alleys , dancing under the trees and lying in the grass and tickling each other. The evening finished with everyone standing in the circle with sparklers in hand while the newly married couple danced in the middle. 

Venue: www.woodlands.co.nz
Dress: @miriam.thelabel
Photographer: @Zanda_Photography
Second shooter: @KatieHurlowPhotography
Location for the photoshoot: www.zealong.com

Florist: TheFlowerLady (Anne Sinclair)
MU: Remadee Day Spa
Shoes: Pitillos
Cake: Denyse Brandt (Ashs’s Auntie)
Celebrant: Theuns Myburgh (Living Faith Church)