Pink hair wedding // Michelle + Melanie

I'd had the image of what I wanted to create for this photoshoot in my mind for a while, the feature being a girl with very colourful hair. So when I saw Michelle on the train when coming home from work, I had to ask. She was the perfect model for my imagined photoshoot, with her bright pink hair. I put my shyness aside and went to talk to her. I gave her my card and learned that she is from Christchurch. A week later I got an email from Michelle and we shared ideas about the photoshoot. The idea of two brides, one feminine, and one masculine, dressed in a suit, came out of our conversations. I shared our vision for the photoshoot with some designers I admired, and we were able to pull together a very talented team. We got beautiful dresses from Alice Hayes at Hayes bridal [ ]. Alice started her very minimalistic bridal line a year ago and has grown quickly with her unique 'less is more' approach to designing bridal dresses. Tash Duncanson from Zimzee flowers [] provided a beautifully fresh and wild bouquet. Michelle, the main model for the shoot, is also a professional makeup artist at [@michefrances], so she did the make up for the shoot. Her unique bird tattoos was another bonus to create the shoot original and brave. Our second model is Melanie, she is an actress and a dancer. [@melanieswears]

The photoshoot took place in Auckland, in spots where nature interacted with the features of a city, and with colours that brought out the bright pink of Michelle's hair.


photographer /

Dresses from Hayes bridal /

Flowers from Zimzee flowers /

makeup Michelle / instagram account @michefrances

Models Michelle Frances Thompson / @michefrances and and Melanie Swears / @melanieswears