Europe wedding // Vinita + Artis

This year was the hottest summer in European history. The was no threat of rain with +34 degree temperatures in the shady spots! Vinita and Artis wanted their wedding to be friendly and homely, so they chose to have it in their family home with the ceremony out the front of the house. The mood was natural, traditional, simple, like a garden party, with no rush to get out on the next day. 

There were laughs to be had when the old Russian car (Moskvich) decided not to start, which was supposed to carry Vinita, the bride, to the venue. Luckily there was a spare car to drive. These little hiccups make great stories, and it's nice when the parties involved see the funny side. 

I love weddings with a traditional, family-centered vibe. After living abroad for so long time, I can appreciate the atmosphere and made sure to capture it in the photos.  

Have you ever experienced the Latvian tradition ritual “mičošana”? During this ritual, the bride and groom say goodbye to their single status. It starts at midnight and usually the bride and groom will wear hats to symbolise becoming wife and husband.

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Organisers: Vinita and Artis

Photographer: Zanda.Photography

Videographer: Emils Kalis

Wedding dress: Katya Katya (Valencia)

Decorations: Evita Venterzute

Flowers for the bride: Evita Venterzute

Suit for the groom: Zara

Make-up: Aija Udentina

Wedding cake: Ilze Stangaine

Catering: SIA “Nike E”

Music: Rihards Libietis (Ceremony), Mazais Princis (Evening)

DJ: Janis Kozlovskis

MC: Guna Valheima and Kaspars Majors

Bartender: Karlis Krumins

Latvian traditional ritual: Darta Apsite, Edgars Zilberts, Jumis Locmelis and Katrina Liepa